Dear Friends,

We were so broken. It was a hard road, especially driving into Wollaston where we were flooded with memories of James.

Then, you were with us in so many ways. You fostered the idea of a tournament. Wollaston Golf Club saved the date, opened their doors, and hoisted the banner. Some of you helped to plan. Many rearranged schedules and volunteered, played the round, attended the reception. And some became sponsors and donors and auction winners. Others wished us well with cards, calls, texts, and emails. You nurtured and nourished us, in every which way. Creating and building this tournament and the endowed educational scholarships. You were our pillars and brought comfort.

Now, at Wollaston, you have given us new memories, shared some precious and hilarious James stories, and helped us to laugh again. You contributed invaluable equipment to The First Tee. Endowments to St. Sebastian’s and The Ouimet have grown to over $325,000. Our scholarship recipients are keeping James’s inimitable, thoughtful, engaging spirit in play, every day. And we are blessed, truly and forever, by your compassionate friendship, kindness, and generosity.

We never know what’s around the bend of the road, but you can trust we are with you with our hearts and arms wide open.

God bless.

Thank you!

With unending gratitude,
Peggy and Jim

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Thanks for your inspiration,
Jim and Peggy
– St. Sebastian’s Alumni

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