Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to all of you who joined with us to celebrate our son James’s life so joyfully and in so many ways on June 11th at his cherished home course, Wollaston Golf Club.  It was a glorious day.  The course was in impeccable tournament condition with Tournament Co-Chairs, Jay Driscoll, Brendan Mahoney and Tyler Ferrari reporting that the greens were “James speed”.  Our thanks to the tremendous Wollaston team, in the Pro Shop, the clubhouse and on the course.

This day, this Tournament would not have been possible without the support, feedback, recommendations, and commitment of our Board Members and tireless volunteers. The cheerful giving of Tournament Sponsors and In-Kind Donors provided immeasurable support. And, from near and far, donors participated and we are ever so grateful for their thoughtfulness and generosity which made the auctions so successful and fun.

It’s difficult to explain the energy and excitement that filled the air for this tremendous tournament tribute to James’s life and passion for golf – provided courtesy of the players and guests! Highlights included Conventures’ and Tucker Skenderian’s surprise of the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox World Series Trophies. Seve Mustone, who read his Freshman composition and a poem about the friendship he had with James and the loss. And, Kevin Looney, the first recipient of the James McDonough Scholarship at St. Sebastian’s, funded by our 2011 Tournament, joined us with his Dad.

Shortly after James’s accident, Lisa, at Wollaston shared with us that James’s nickname at Wollaston was “A Wink and A Smile”.  Looking out the Wollaston office windows to the parking lot and seeing James arrive, they would comment, “Oh, here comes A Wink and A Smile”.  And so, with A Wink and A Smile in our hearts and our very respectful nod of appreciation to everyone who participated in so many ways, we want you to know that we love this Tournament you have so graciously and generously helped us create. We thank you sincerely; wish you all well; look forward to hearing from you from time to time, and will feel honored and blessed if you are able to be with us again next year.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Peggy and Jim


Second Annual James McDonough Four-Ball Invitational

1st Place
Gross 66

Jay Driscoll & Mike Welch

2nd Place
Gross  68

Colin Dolph & J. D. Guiney

3rd Place
Gross 68

Robbie Donohoe & Mark Motejunas

1st Place
Net 65

Bob Keegan & Steve O’Neill

2nd Place
Net 65

Eric Roberts & Mike Seidman

3rd Place
Net 66

Rick Baker & Jordan Lavalle-Smotherman

Closest to the Pin
Hole #17

Luke Ferrari 36’ 2”

Closest to the Pin
Hole #6

Pat Campbell 2’ 7”

Longest Drive
Hole #8

Mike Welch

Longest Drive
Hole #14

Jimmy Kennedy

The Players

Stephen Abramowitz
Frank Agostino
Chris Agostino
John Agostino
Herbie Aikens
Brian Alberico
Frank Angeloro
Phil Baker
Rick Baker
Joe Bird
David Bowen
John Boyle
Bill Branca
Colin Brennan
Lee Brettman
Brian Burns
Adam Carlucci
Pat Campbell
Blake Carver
Joe Clark
Stephen Clark
George Clarke
Nick Coskren
Chad Crocker
Denis Crowley
Chris Cunniff
Andrew Diramio
Colin Dolph
Robbie Donahoe

Tucker Donahue
Kevin Donoghue
Liam Donoghue
Tom Donovan
Mike Dorsey
Robert Douyotas
Brian Driscoll
Connell Driscoll
Jay Driscoll
Joe Fagan
Diane Fedele
Fran Fedele
Mark Feigenbaum
Ken Felter
Luke Ferrari
Tyler Ferrari
Joe Fish
Jim Fitzgerald
Walter Flaherty
Mark Flaherty
Bill Foley, Jr.
Joe Gillis
Dave Gooding
JD Guiney
Colby Hart
Jack Hestor
Michael Holenko
Chris Kaster
Bob Keegan

Jim Kennedy
Jimmy Kennedy
Jack Keverian
Tom Kiley
John Killian
Richard Kirby
Paul Kraemer
Peter Kraemer
Jordan Lavellee
Rob Leonard
Richard LoGuercio
Chuck Long
Kevin Looney
Tom Looney
Michael Lorigan
Bernie Lynch, Jr.
David MacIsaac
Paul Maheras
Brendan Mahoney
Jim McDonough
Paul McDonough
Paul McManus
Mark Motejunas
Seve Mustone
John Napolitano
Rick Neely
Harry Nesbit
Bill Neville

Larry O’Brien
Colin O’Leary
Patrick O’Leary
Steve O’Neill
Ainsley Onstott
Joe Onstott
Paul Paganelli
Bob Pandolfi
Raj Pathak
Len Pepe
Renato Perfetti
Andy Petitti
Mike Piccinino
Mike Power
John Provencal
Barbara Quinn
Norm Racicot
Peter Racicot
Brian Radell
Ira Rapaport
Christian Reenstern
Marty Reilly
Michael Reilly
Jim Renner
Edward Riordan
Ray Roach
Eric Roberts
Tom Rourke
Jack Sage

David Schmid
Peter Scotten
Mike Seidman
Bill Semple
Todd Shagin
T.K. Skenderian
Tucker Skenderian
Tyler Skenderian
Chris Sloman
Mike Sloman
Brett St. Clair
Patrick Stapleton
Jim Sullivan
Sean Sweeney
Aric Tao
Kenny Vallace
Bob VanLaetham
James Wall
Kevin Walsh
Matthew Walsh
Mike Walsh
John Weaver
Michael Welch
Garrett Whitney
Ray Wysocki


Big Dog Sponsors

The McDonoughs of Charlestown & NYC with David Myers

Ken & Linda Felter

  • Sue Anne Shepanek
  • The Office Family at Wollaston Dental Group
  • Dr. David Lustbader – South Shore Oral Surgery
Hole Sponsors
  • Rob and Chrissy Barletta
  • The Chandler Family of Manchester, Michigan
  • Dr. Timothy Colton, D.D.S
  • DiPesa & Company, CPAs
  • The Giacchetti Family
  • Paul Gillespie
  • Kenneth Freed & Company – CPA
  • Joyce Landscaping
  • Lombardo’s
  • Beirne and Joan Lovely
  • Peter Maich
  • The O’Brien Family
  • Dr. Richard LoGuercio and Rennie Perfetti
  • Dr. Albert and Marie Puccia
  • Robert Paul Properties
  • Jack Sage
  • Matthew Shenpak
  • The Skenderian Family
In Kind
  • Rollins College
  • The Ouimet Fund
  • Sue Petersen- Graphic Design
  • Pam Snell – ACTSmart, Inc. – Web Design
  • Frank Susi – Susi Art – T-Shirt Design
  • Conventures, Inc.
  • New England Flag and Banner
  • Daniel J. Flynn & Company
  • Eastern Bank
  • Gannie Durfee – Merchant Services
  • Terry Bellotti – Palmieri
  • Wollaston Mgr/VP
  • Melinda Chasten
  • Brigitte Collins
  • Susie DeGregorio
  • Molly DiCecca
  • Tracy Driscoll
  • Gail Grady
  • Cheryl Flynn
  • Susan Jakubs
  • Sarah Keegan
  • Sandy Kennedy
  • Kathy Kiley
  • Pat Mahoney
  • Carla McDonough
  • Conor McDonough
  • Judy McDonough
  • Fran McKinnon
  • MaryBeth Piccinino
  • Tiffany Pucci
  • Colleen Sage
  • Sue Shepanek
  • Turner Skenderian
  • Beth Thompson
  • Karen Horan
  • Tiffany Puccia
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