Thank you.

The Tournament is an extraordinary opportunity to remember James, his infectious wink and a smile, his love of gathering friends, his passion for the game of golf, and his desire to help those less fortunate. This would not have been possible, and so joyous, without the enthusiasm and devotion of family, players, dear friends, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and auction winners. You are most compassionate and kind, and we are forever grateful. In just three years, we have been able to raise more than $75,000 for St. Sebastian’s School and the Ouimet Fund. This year, we were able to donate gently used golf equipment and over 100 golf clubs to The First Tee of Massachusetts because of the generous contribution of Tournament attendees. Let’s pursue the passion, build the legacy and gather familiar and new friends, next year, to remember James, once more.


Third Annual James McDonough Four-Ball Invitational

1st Place
Gross 65

Andrew DiRamio & Jim Renner

2nd Place
Gross  65

Colin Dolph & J. D. Guiney

3rd Place
Gross 65

Jay Driscoll & Mike Welch

1st Place
Net 63

Eric Roberts & Ray Wysocki

2nd Place
Net 63

David Gooding & George Gooding

3rd Place
Net 64

Richard Kirby & Beirne Lovely

The Players

Herbie Aikens
Scott Arnold
Andy Baker
Phil Baker
Rick Baker
Robert Barletta
Danny Beam
Billy Branca
Dave Breen
Colin Brennan
Lee Brettmen
Kevin Brown
Brian Burns
Andy Cantillon
Nick Chabot
Joe Clancy
Stephen Clark
Scott Congdon
Nick Cosgren
Chad Crocker
Dennis Crowley
Mark Daigle
Ed Davis
Toni Davis
Dolly DiPesa
Andrew DiRamio

Chris Doktor
Colin Dolph
Liam Donaghue
Robbie Donaghue
Jay Downing
Connell Driscoll
Jay Driscoll
Diane Fedele
Fran Fedele
Ken Felter
Dave Ferrari
Luke Ferrari
Tyler Ferrari
Jordan Fields
Joseph Fish
Walter Flaherty
Roy Giarrusso
Joe Gillis
Joe Gillmore
David Gooding
George Gooding
Don Gouche
J.D. Guiney
Colby Hart
Chris Kaster
Marko Kazanjian

Bob Keegan
James Kennedy
Jack Keverian
Jeff Kiely
John Killian
Richard Kirby
Brian Knipp
Richard LoGuercio
Kevin Looney
Tom Looney
Beirne Lovely
Betsy Lussier
Phil Lussier
Terry Lynn
Dan MacNulty
Dan MacVarish
Brendan Mahoney
Bob Marshall
Karen Marshall
Kevin McCann
Billy McCarthy
Jim McDonough
Paul McDonough
Mike McGee
Tom McKinnon
Mark Motejunas

Chris Murphy
Seve Mustone
Rick Neely
Jim Norris
Larry O’Brien
Colin O’Leary
Steve O’Neill
Paul Paganelli
Raj Pathak
Renato Perfetti
Mike Piccinino
Sam Proctor
Don Quinn
Judy Quinn
Ira Rapaport
Jerry Rapaport
Mike Reilly
Jim Renner
Ed Riordan
Ray Roach
Eric Roberts
Matt Rogers
Paul Rooney
Michael Rounds
David Schmid
Mike Seidman

Todd Shagin
T.K. Skenderian
Tucker Skenderian
Tyler Skenderian
Jordan Smotherman
Zack Smotherman
John Spatola
Sean Sweeny
Aric Tao
Chris Tarallo
Evan Tretheway
Kenny Vallace
Bob VanLeathem
David Vlacich
Kevin Walsh
Matt Walsh
John Weaver
Brian Webber
Mike Welch
Trevor Wellen
Chris Wilson
John Woodman
Ray Wysocki


Big Dog Sponsors
  • Dr. Jim and Peggy McDonough
  • Keegan Werlin, LLP
  • Ken & Linda Felter
Double Eagle Sponsors
  • Dr. Paul Fugazzotto
  • Dr. Scott Lightfoot
Ace Sponsors
  • Red & Blue Foundation
  • Burgin, Platner, Hurley Insurance Agency
  • Commonwealth Worldwide Transportation
  • Kenneth Freed & Company
  • Paul & Martha Gillespie
  • Tom & Kathy Kiley
  • Peter Maich
  • Dr. Richard Oliver
  • Paul Grover and Robert Paul Properties
  • Sue Anne Shepanek
Hole Sponsors
  • Dr. Steve Abramowitz
  • The Chandler Family
  • The Giacchetti Family
  • The Goncalves Family
  • John Hajjar
  • Richard & Ann Kirby
  • Dr. Richard LoGuercio
  • Lombardo’s
  • The Mustone Family
  • The O’Brien & Maider Family
  • Dr. Albert & Marie Puccia
  • Matthew Shepanek
  • The Office Family at Wollaston Dental Group
In Kind
  • Rollins College
  • The Ouimet Fund
  • Sue Peterson- Graphic Design
  • Pam Snell- ACTSmart, Inc.- Web Design and Support
  • Frank Susi- Susi Art- T-Shirt Design
  • Conventures, Inc.
  • New England Flag and Banner
  • Maggie Durfee- Merchant Services
Donors & Auction Contributors
  • Frank Agostino
  • Phil Baker
  • Paul Barry
  • Don Becker
  • Benners Hotel & Paul McDonough
  • David Bowen
  • Holly Bruce
  • Melissa Carleton
  • Championsgate
  • Robert Cohen, Advanced Dental Technologies, Inc.
  • Mike Dorsey
  • Kathy Driscoll
  • Scott Ehrlich
  • Eastward Ho!
  • Steve Feldhoff
  • Ken & Linda Felter
  • Paul Flaherty
  • Annie Floyd
  • Jane K. Frost
  • Richard & Angela Godfrey
  • Paul Gillespie
  • JD Guiney
  • Dianne Keegan
  • Jim Keever & CBS Sports
  • Diane Keverian
  • Pat & Steve Kiernan
  • David Leadbetter Academy
  • Jack LeBlanc
  • Dr. Scott Lightfoot
  • Ryan Magner
  • Marr Charitable Foundation
  • Judy McDonough & David Myers
  • Sean McDonough
  • Fran & Tom McKinnon
  • Tobias Nanda
  • Jim & Shauna O’Leary
  • Maureen O’Meara
  • The Onstott Group/Transearch
  • Oral Surgery South
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  • Don Quinn
  • Jim Rhodes
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  • Tucker Skenderian
  • Mike Sloman
  • Katherine Sobel
  • Brian Spitz
  • Kathie Stevens
  • Peggy McDonough
  • Tiffany Puccia
  • Gail Grady
  • Cheryl Flynn
  • Beth Thompson
  • Conor McDonough
  • Judy McDonough
  • Stephanie Grugett
  • Sue Shepanek
  • Carla McDonough
  • Tracy Driscoll
  • Melinda Cheston
  • Fran McKinnon
  • Pat Mahoney
  • Kathy Kiley
  • Mary Beth Piccinino
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  • Colleen Sage
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  • Tanner Skenderian
  • Brigitte Collins
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  • Susan DeGregorio
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