It’s an official win-win!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our pink-shirt volunteers, generous sponsors, thoughtful donors, joyful auction winners, raffle supporters, amazing players, and Wollaston Club staff – you graced us with the opportunity for James to live on through the education and lives of St. Sebastian students, Kevin Looney ’12, Patrick Rivard ’13, and Christian Reenstierna ’14, and Ouimet Scholars,Patrick O’Leary ’13 and James Mattes ’14. It was the fourth consecutive sell-out, the greatest fundraiser to-date!

Thank you, we feel tremendously blessed by your gifts.Let the tradition and passion continue!

-Jim and Peggy McDonough


Fourth Annual James McDonough Four-Ball Invitational

1st Place
Gross 63

Todd Shagin & Colin Brennan

2nd Place
Gross  65

Colin Dolph & J. D. Guiney

3rd Place
Gross 68

Brendan Mahoney & Herbie Aikens

1st Place
Net 65

Frank Agostino & Chris Agostino

2nd Place
Net 65

Ira Rapaport & Jerry Rapaport

3rd Place
Net 65

Nick Chabot & Greg Hosselbarth

Closest to the Pin
Hole #17

Joe Araby 36’10”

Closest to the Pin
Hole #6

Scott Nielson 5’7″

Longest Drive
Hole #8

Colin Dolph

Longest Drive
Hole #14

Chris Agostino

The Players

Chris Agostino
Frank Agostino
Herbie Aikens
Joe Araby
Keith Archibald
Garrett Arnold
Matt Avitable
Richard Bailey
Andy Baker
Phil Baker
Greg Barletta
Shuvam Bhaumik
Matt Blue
Colin Brennan
Jack Brown
Anthony Canavan
Andy Cantillon
Tom Caravolas
Tommy Cassell
Nick Chabot
George Clark
Joe Rooney
Chad Crocker
Bill Crosby
Mary Dacey

Mark Daigle
Dolly Dipesa
Andrew DiRamio
Colin Dolph
Liam Donaghue
Rob Donahoe
Jay Driscoll
Robert Dyer
Diane Fedele
Ken Felter
Luke Ferrari
Bill Foster
Paul Gillespie
Tim Golding
Dave Gooding
Charlie Gordon
Don Gouchie
Carmen Grinkis
J.D. Guiney
Colby Hart
Barry Hefner
Greg Hosselbarth
Brian Burns
Doug Karo
Bob Keegan

Jack Keverian
Jeff Kiely
Tom Kiely
Richard Kirby
Terry Law
Kathy Leonard
Rob Leonard
Timothy Leveroni
Scott Lightfoot
Richard LoGuercio
Amy Lussier
Betsy Lussier
Terry Lynn
Dan MacVarish
Ryan Magner
Paul Maheras
Brendan Mahoney
James Mattes
Ernie McAlister
Jim McDonough
Paul McDonough, Jr
Brian Merrick
Seve Mustone
Jim Nagle
John Napolitano

Rick Neely
Scott Nielson
Larry O’Brien
Kevin O’Connor
Colin O’Leary
Patrick O’Leary
Garry Pannone
Jon Pannone
Renato Perfetti
Andy Petitti
Mike Piccinino
Don Quinn
Judy Quinn
Brian Radell
Ira Rapaport
Jerry Rapaport
Marty Reilly
Mike Reilly
Jim Rhodes
Ed Riordan
Ray Roach
David Schmid
Todd Shagin
Dan Shaughnessy
TK Skenderian

Tucker Skenderian
Tyler Skenderian
Chris Sossong
John Spatola
Patrick Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sweeney
Doyle Sylvia
Aric Tao
Evan Trethewey
Kenny Vallace
Matt Van Laethan
Rob Van Laethan
Robert Wall
Kevin Walsh
Matt Walsh
Kevin Welch
Mike Welch
Ryan Whitney
Chris Wilson
Jim Wong
Tim Wood
Don Zagoren


Big Dog Sponsors
  • Wollaston Dental Group
  • Dr. Jim and Peggy McDonough
  • Keegan Werlin, LLP
  • Ken & Linda Felter
Double Eagle Sponsors
  • Dr. Paul Fugazzotto
  • Red & Blue Foundation
Ace Sponsors
  • US Wealth Management
  • Aunt Sue Shepanek
  • Paul McDonough
  • Robert Paul Properties
  • Dr. Richard Oliver
  • The Looney Family
  • The Mustone Family
  • Judy McDonough and David Myers
  • Dr. Mike Seidman
Hole Sponsors
  • The Giacchetti Family
  • Paul Kraemer
  • Andy Petitti
  • Marc Susi Scholarship Fund
  • The Jeanne O’Brien and Ken Maidor Family
  • The Lombardo Companies
  • Andrew Thomas & Son, Inc
  • Burgin, Platner, Hurley LLC
  • The Office Family at Wollaston Dental Group
  • Aborscape, Inc
  • The Onstott Group
  • The Goncalves Family
  • John Montgomery
  • Dr. Richard LoGuercio
  • Matthew Shepanek
  • Jennifer Dwivedi
  • Thatcher Family
  • The Chandler Family
In Kind
  • Act Smart, Inc – Pam Snell
  • Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
  • Maggie Durfee – Merchant Services
  • Rollins College
  • DiPeasa & Company
  • Susi Art
  • Conventures
  • Sue Petersen Print
  • Advanced Dental
  • Steve Feldhoff
  • Steve & Pat Kiernan
  • Kenneth Freed & Company
  • Chris Kelly
  • Carolyn Gordon
  • Milan Kosanovich
  • Ann Mulligan