Thank you.

The gray and drizzle were unable to dim
The spirit and memory of James’s grin.
Irish days, accepting greens, were perfect for him
So raingear donned, the games did begin.
Closest to the pin were Power and Neely
It was Brown and Stimpson with long drives ideally.
Daigle and Mastacouris led the net easily
Were medalists with Stimpson and Crocker quite happily.

Back in the clubhouse where we all gathered,
For a hole-in-one, on James’s tab, is what mattered.
Then it was Flynn and McDonough who hilariously bantered
As auction estimates were gleefully shattered.
To the ground crew, Wollaston staff and cart barn team
To Colin and Conor who captured James’s dream.
To our board, volunteers, sponsors and many in between
The players and auction winners, we hold each in esteem.

Hats off to you for allowing us to celebrate
For James, a fifth annual, and for Jim, a sixty eight.
Good cheer and support made the day truly great
Your devotion and enthusiasm, we dearly appreciate.
St Seb’s, the Ouimet and the First Tee,
School, golf and giving back are part of the memory.
So for joining and contributing, thank you sincerely
Living on through students, James always will be!


Fifth Annual James McDonough Four-Ball Invitational

1st Place
Gross 69

Chad Crocker & Alex Stimpson

2nd Place
Gross  70

Todd Shagin & Colin Dolph

3rd Place
Gross 73

Herbie Aikens & Brendan Mahoney

1st Place
Net 64

Mark Daigle & Pete Mastacouris

2nd Place
Net 65

Scott Arnold & Andy Cantillon

3rd Place
Net 66

Beirne Lovely & Frank Agostino

Closest to the Pin
Hole #17

Mike Power

Closest to the Pin
Hole #6

Rick Neely

Longest Drive
Hole #8

Alex Stimpson

Longest Drive
Hole #14

Jack Brown

The Players

Frank Agostino
Herbie Aikens
Keith Archibald
Betty Arnold
Scott Arnold
Zac Arnold
Andy Baker
Phil Baker
Greg Barletta
Justin Bearse
Chris Becker
Shavam Bhaumik
Matt Blue
Bill Branca
Jack Brown
Bill Burke
Brian Burns
Paul Canavan
Andy Cantillon
Tom Caravolas
Tommy Cassell
Nick Chabot
Stephan Clark

Chad Crocker
Dennis Crowley
Leo Crowley
Mark Daigle
Dolly DiPesa
Andrew Diramio
Colin Dolph
Liam Donoghue
Jay Driscoll
Brad Durham
Diane Fedele
Fran Fedele
Ken Felter
Luke Ferrari
Tyler Ferrari
Chris Fitzpatrick
Melanie Gagnier
Sam George
Paul Gillespie
Tim Golding
Charlie Gordon
Don Gouchie
Tim Grace

John Hajjar
Chris Haley
Mike Haley
Greg Hosselbarth
John Hynes
Bob Keegan
Jeff Kiley
Tom Kiley
Richard Kirby
Paul Kraemer
Peter Kraemer
Terry Law
Kevin Leary
Catherine Leonard
Rob Leonard
Rich LoGuercio
Kevin Looney
Tom Looney
Beirne Lovely
Dan MacVarish
Brendan Mahoney
Pete Mastucouris
Ed McCabe

Charlie McCarthy
Jim McDonough
Paul McDonough
Sean McDonough
Kevin Murray
Seve Mustone
Rick Neely
Colin O’Leary
Patrick O’Leary
Andy Petitti
Mike Piccinino
Mike Power
Barbara Quinn
Don Quinn
Judy Quinn
Ira Rapaport
Marty Reilly
Ed Riordan
Tony Rivers
Ray Roach
Richard Scherr
David Schmid
Bill Semple

Mike Seidman
Todd Shagin
TK Skenderian
Tucker Skenderian
Tyler Skenderian
Chris Smith
Alex Stimpson
Jim Sullivan
Steve Tague
Taylor Tibbetts
Kenny Valace
Richard VanDernoot
Kevin Walsh
Matt Walsh
Mike Walsh
Mary Dacey White
Ryan Whitney
Chris Wilson
Ray Wysocki


Big Dog Sponsors
  • Wollaston Dental Group
  • Dr. Jim and Peggy McDonough
  • Ken & Linda Felter
  • Keegan Werlin LLP
Double Eagle Sponsors
  • Dr. Paul Fugazzotto
  • Red & Blue Foundation
Ace Sponsors
  • Tom & Kathy Kiley
  • Paul & Carla McDonough
  • Anonymous
  • Oral Surgery South
  • Robert Paul Properties
  • Sue Shepanek
Hole Sponsors
  • A. Thomas
  • Burgin, Planter,  Hurley Insurance
  • Kelley Properies Inc. & Rege
  • Joyce Landscaping Inc.
  • Lombardo’s
  • The Onstott Group
  • Richard LoGuercio, DDS
  • Marc A. Susi Scholarship Fund
  • The Giacchetti Family
  • Rob and Chrissy Barletta
  • The Goncalves Family
  • Marc Susi Scholarship Fund
  • The Piccinino Family
  • Matt Shepanek
  • Wollaston Dental Group Family
  • Arborscape, Inc
  • The Chandler Family
  • Kenneth Freed & Company
In Kind
  • Act Smart, Inc – Pam Snell
  • Maggie Durfee – Merchant Services
  • Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
  • Rollins Tars
  • DiPeasa & Company
  • Susi Art
  • Conventures
  • Sue Petersen Print
  • Dan Flynn – Auctioneer
  • Chris & Bev Baker
  • Maureen Branca
  • Jack & Pam McArdle
  • Don Becker
  • Steve Feldhoff
  • David and Eileen Stoller
  • Melissa Carleton
  • Carolyn Gordon
  • The Spatola Family
  • Steve and Pat Kiernan
  • Sharon Sloman
  • Ann Kirby
  • Walter and Carol MacDonald
  • Jane DeGregorio and Jim Wall
  • Nick Coskren
  • Dianne and Sarah Keegan
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